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Bandwidth Conservation Guide
By Submit Corner
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Guide Overview

The goal of this guide is to provide an informative resource for web developers which covers bandwidth reduction, conservation and optimization while still maintaining an appropriate mix of graphics and content. In this guide, we present to you suggestions, ideas and tips on how to minimize wait time and bandwidth consumption.

Bandwidth Tips

8-Second Rule
If your site hasn't loaded the core of its body within 8-seconds, most users won't stick around ...
Read More Inside >>

Background Images and Colors
Rather than creating large background images, consider using these techniques to cut your bandwidth ...
Read More Inside >>

Embedding Fonts
Learn how to use the FONT tag to embed the font of your choice without needing to create a graphic ...
Read More Inside >>

Make Javascripts External
By separating your content from your Javascripts/CSS, you can avoid users downloading the same ...
Read More Inside >>

HTML Optimizations
Easily cut out 15% of your HTML file sizes with these HTML Optimization tricks and techniques ...
Read More Inside >>

Making Lightweight Images
Cut out unnecessary colors, shades and other data from your GIF/JPEG's to create lightweight images ...
Read More Inside >>

HTML Speed Tips
Start displaying your pages in under 1 second as the remainder of your page streams in. Keep your users reading, not waiting ...
Read More Inside >>

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