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International Alternates of Your Site
By Submit Corner
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Overview: Easily build international traffic to your site by creating multiple versions of your website in various languages quickly and easily using the Babelfish.

According to Network Solutions spokesman Brian O'Shaughnessy, "nearly 70% of the online Internet population do not speak English as their primary language" (Source: ITWorld.com). With only 30% of the Internet population using English as their primary English, why only address the English population? With a little help from Altavista's Babelfish tool, you can easily make duplicate versions of your content with the touch of a button. For example, Babelfish can convert English to any of these languages (and vice-versa):

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Portugese
  • Italian
  • Spanish
Given the increasing size of international markets, its becoming essential to offer alternate versions of your website to remain competitive on the Internet.

Tailored to Local Search Engines

The greatest advantage which is probably available from using international languages on your web pages is actually provided by the search engine effect. Not only will your pages be indexed in search engines, but you will also qualify to be indexed under local countries search engines (ie: language specific versions of Excite, Yahoo, etc.). For example, if you offer a Spanish version of your content, you can submit your site to the Spanish versions of the top search engines and probably get a high ranking in comparison with the English equivalent market. Considering that most international markets are not saturated, getting ranked high in search engines is not a difficult task as opposed to the English versions. Different search engines may have different policies for international sites and may require you to visit their site directly to submit.

Try Out The Babelfish

The Babelfish is a tool provided by Altavista at no charge which offers the ability to convert up to 5k of text at a time (for larger documents, try splitting your content into blocks and sending them in pieces). This works out to about 800 words or two pages of double-spaced writing. To try out Babelfish, simply copy and paste some of the text you would like converted into the box below, or type in your website address (URL) and Babelfish will fetch your web page and convert it for you: (Note: a new window will open for you).

AltaVista Type or paste text or Web address (beginning with http://) here:
by Systran
Translate from:
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